Tumblrin' Winogradsky Columns

I finally found some use for my Raspberry Pi. It's now capturing and sending pictures of my uni project group's Winogradsky columns to its own tumblr blog hourly. I admit the pictures aren't that spectacular but now we can check on the columns without having to go to the lab every time.

8-bit Umbrella 2.0

Second version of the musical umbrella project - now glows in the dark, too!

It's Raining Bits

At Musichackday Amsterdam I built a musical umbrella together with
Julia L├Ąger (and Peter the Multimeter). Falling raindrops are detected by piezo sensors and turned into 8 bit sounds. Read the Wiki article here.

The Musical Umbrella has been featured on BBC News, CNET, MAKE,
Gizmodo and many more.

Gameboy Backlight Mod

I built a green LED backlight into an old Gameboy so I can use it in my band's dark rehearsal room for making music.

Gameboy Screen to USB Mod

Pins for screen data and clock are connected to a Teensy microcontroller. Transmitted data to the laptop is 'unscrambled' by a program written
in the C language.
Unfortunately the Teensy seems to be too slow to transmit all the screen data from the Gameboy in real time.
Trying to overclock it and if that doesn't do the trick, going to make another approach with a different controller with a faster chip.

Bad quality picture below shows the Gameboy hooked up to an oscilloscope. (project in collaboration with mntmn and Hypo)

Purring Pillow

Interactive pillow that starts to vibrate and make purring noises when petted. Intestines consist of piezo sensors, vibra motors, an Arduino
with an MP3-shield, a loudspeaker and not so much duct tape.

(Will add more information about this project and a video soon.)



I made this little "point-and-click-game"-portfolio/introduction inspired by Maniac Mansion to learn some Javascript and have some fun with it.
Try to find the hidden treasure!


3D Graphics

Awesome rotating (on mouseover) 3D pyramids! A little experiment with Three.js... If they look kind of funny you are probably not using the Chrome browser. So sorry!

Famous Vegans

Some web application I built for some vegan guy. Backend completely built in Javascript and connected to a Parse DB (not online yet).

Soundmemo Game

I made a little memory game using the Soundcloud API.
Unfortunately Soundcloud sometimes seems to be really slow or does not respond at all. Not my fault. :P But it is kind of fun when it works and lets you sometimes discover some weird music.


Ruby on Rails


You can try my very first Rails application which is called Haveband here.
It is not yet finished and still in aplha state -but somewhat usable.
I made Haveband because I wanted to start a band but just couldn't find the right band members and didn't like the other services out there. I tried flyers (apparently they looked too cool so people would just grab them and put them on their wall but not mail me and start a band;) ) and other online small ad services - without any great success.

So I decided to learn Ruby, Rails and HTML/CSS to build my own web application. It's actually the first web page I ever built! Please keep this in mind if you run into some weird design bugs ;).

Haveband allows musicians to post small ads with attached demotracks and browse through small ads other musicians put up on the site sorted by city and country, music genre etc.




I composed an audio logo for Spaceship (now Spacedeck) and a score for their teaser video:

In the past five years I produced so much music - I still have to go through it and add the best tracks to this site (soon, soon). I play several musical instruments and sing.