Moisture problems at home? Do not be fooled

Old and often non-insulated houses and buildings are more sensitive to moisture than that new houses. Faced new homes with moisture related problems. It is often wrongly against residents said that they are the cause of all the damp walls and floors, and fungi. Do not be fooled! There are exceptions, but in most instances residents behavior is not the cause of the problems.

The real causes are elsewhere

The real causes of the visible moisture and mold spots are often located elsewhere in or around your home. A mold place in a ceiling corner on the floor do not need to be completely not the result of a leak at that location. In many cases, the cause is located at the level of the ground floor. A marshy ground around your home, a leaky pipe in the crawl space, a leakage in the water supply or a broken drainage may be just the cause of moisture or mold spot somewhere higher up in the building.

Possible causes of moisture problems:

  • Poor waterproofing of the structure at the location of the ground around your home
  • Rain Breakdown by facades
  • Leaks in drains
  • Leaks in water pipes
  • Internal condensation in constructions
  • Leaks by high groundwater
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Salts and nitrates in building materials

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How to get the most out of my solar panels?

Solar panels work best when they are placed in a certain way. It should be taken into account the position of the sun and the angle at which the solar panels are installed. Also, the panels have to be a given period cleaned for optimal use of the system. Under what angle should I place my solar panels?

What are solar panels?

A solar panel is, in fact, a collection of a vast number of solar cells. A solar cell is called an ambiguous word also called photovoltaic cell (abbreviated to PV system, from the English photovoltaic cell). The majority of solar cells are made of a layer of the material silicon. For this to make a silicon semiconductor, there is added to the top of a phosphor layer and a layer at the bottom. The whole is placed for the protection between two transparent plates. These were first made of glass, but nowadays also made from various transparent plastics.

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Hairdryer: a power tool for every bathroom

Most people – especially women – are uncomfortable to walk around after showering with wet hair. At the very least makes a woman a sort of turban of a towel to her wound and cuddle men once added by the hair to let in more air out making it dry faster. But very often there is little time taken to using a hair dryer to dry naturally lend a hand. Also, engage men more often a hairdryer and why not?


Operation of hairdryers

Hairdryers exist in different designs and many colors. Not that this is important but also count. It’s all about the art of the dryer. In the envelope, which always has a certain degree of similar shape, sit as its main elements a fan and some filaments. As soon as the dryer is supplied with power to rotate the fan and the filaments come up to temperature. The air is blown from the fan then blows along the wires, and is at the front of the device through an opening. That warm air against the hair cares for the drying process. Hair dryers usually have two or three selectors that the fan speed can be controlled. Also, the lower the fan speed is, the hotter the air flow and at a high speed, the temperature remains relatively small.

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Create clean air with an air ionizer

An air ionizer is a device that dirty (dust) ionizes particles, which are present in the air. On the (dust) particles a negative electric charge is applied. In general, an air ionizer is used in a household in order to minimize dust and bad odors and to remove.

Applying an air ionizer

With an air ionizer can odors from eg (cigarette) smoke, fumes, and gasses are removed from the air. Also, small particles such as dust and pollen can be eliminated from the air. Although air ionizers come in different shapes and sizes, they are to be easy to use.

An additional advantage is that air ionizers do not need a loud fan and motor, so you will not be disturbed during home activities or while sleeping. Another advantage is that you never charge need to create replacement filters. As long as the distance between the wall and the air ionizer is at least 25 cm, it can easily in a living room, bedroom, office, computer room or placed in other indoor areas.

Simple maintenance

It is often indicated by a green LED light that the device is functioning properly and produces negative ions (which ensure clean air). When the red LED means that need to be cleaned stainless steel slats of the removable cartridge. It is recommended to clean once a month with an optionally supplied brush the fins of the removable cartridge.

Persistent substance and can be removed with a damp cloth. Then the cartridge should be dried with a cloth before it will again put into use. For thorough cleaning, only use warm water and a mild detergent solution, then let the cartridge dry for 24 hours.

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A Slow Cooker: The Pros And Cons

A slow cooker is an electric kitchen appliance that prepares dishes for a longer period at a lower temperature. This makes meat extra tender and remains to retain nutrients better. The slow way of thread running all the flavors into each other and dishes will be much tastier. Slow cookers can be used for the preparation of stews, soups, sauces and curries. The possibilities are endless. After the food in the pan is done, you can leave these alone for several hours. With a slow cooker, turn delicious food with little effort on the table.

What is a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker, also known as pot-crock is a kitchen tool that can be used for the preparation of a one-pot meal for a longer time at a low temperature. It is therefore very suitable for stewing meat. A standard slow cooker consists of a round or oval pot made of ceramic or porcelain. This container is placed in a casing, often of metal, this is the part that provides the heat. The lid is often made of glass and does not contain any holes. Slow cookers are usually between 0,5 and 7 liters in size. Often there is a minimum that is to be filled because the heating element otherwise does not properly work. Most of the slow cookers have two or more heat teeth. Often this small, medium and high, some slow cookers also have a keep warm setting. Most slow cookers have no temperature control and providing a constant heat until boiling contents.

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